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Facebook Is Watching Your Private PMs In Messenger

Did You Think Messenger Conversations were Private Too?

I had a successful entrepreneur contact me to see how I was doing, he has contacted me a few times over the last year or so and offered to help me with my internet marketing and presented me with very large discounts on his IM products and coaching.

On both occasions I have reluctantly had to turn him down for one reason or another. Last night when I landed home from my day job, I checked in to Facebook and noticed a message I had seen but not replied to earlier as I was busy.

The Conversation

My friend was following up on a messenger conversation that we had a couple of weeks ago and I guess it would have been more polite for me to return to that message then, but I had joined a MLM opportunity at the start of the month after looking around on the inside for about a week and I totally forgot.

Anyway, my buddy had reached out to me yesterday and I wanted to let him in on what I was doing. In fact what sparked my intention to share this opportunity with him, was the fact that he reminded me of one of our leaders who is an American and he could very easily be the UK version and knowing him, he could be just as successful and maybe even more so.

The Invasion Inside Messenger

I decided that I would tell my friend about what I had got myself involved with and to provide him a link to click which was no ordinary link to a website.

Why was this no ordinary link?

The fact was that I had my own domain name InvitedVIP.com to which I had used the forwarding feature via my domain providers DNS settings. By him clicking that domain/web address, he would have been taken to the opportunity landing page/squeez page for him to follow the instructions.

What happened next totally blew my mind!

Facebook immediately banned the web/forwarding address listing the link to it and said it was against their rules Blah blah blah!

Question for ya?

If you are like me, you kinda get the feeling that FB and all the others bend the rules to suit their needs, BUT, surely the messenger service is supposed to be for PRIVATE conversations..right? I mean when someone says pm me, they usually mean PRIVATE MESSAGE me!

So What Message Did Facebook Ban

I have a method for getting people to my lead pages without having to use pretty links or codes to hide what usually is a glaringly obvious butt-ugly affiliate link, I purchase a domain name as closely related to the offer or the niche as possible and then forward to the lead page sometimes using masking if I feel it would be on a more permanent use of the domain purchased.

The domain used on this occasion was INVITEDVIP.com

What is your opinion on this?



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