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How An Email And A 2 Hour 34 Minute Long Video Saved Me From Quitting My Internet Dream

You Need To Take A Break From IM

I’ve had a few weeks out from the general IM space, in fact, it came by surprise in not a nice way. I was feeling frustrated with myself because I had a realization of the situation I found myself in.

  • I was now starting my twelfth year in internet marketing
  • I was not making money at IM
  • I had yet to put a buy button on any of my half-finished products/reports
  • My IMDomainer site wasn’t selling any of my domains
  • I was at my witts end with it all

Something had been bubbling inside my mind for a while and it all came to a head one evening around a week or so ago, in what was my comfort zone where I spent time in a paid-for Facebook group. Now for the record, I am usually quite a calm and easy-going guy but,  I hit out at a now successful marketer. He had put out a post that to me, at the time was bragging about how much money he was making.

I just lost the plot, I think mainly because of every time I had posted anything on a post of his, I never got any reaction back…I felt he was ignoring me and over time it started to knaw the hell out of me. What made matters worse was that this guy was constantly being praised and getting big-ups from the owners of the group and on a regular basis too…boy did that annoy me. So I left the group and canceled my subscription.


I have to admit here and now that, as I look back at that moment I realized that it was just pure jealousy. So what if he hadn’t replied to any of my comments or Liked/Hearted symbols on his post and achievements, it wasn’t his fault that I continued to struggle.

I should have known better than throw a wobbler and lose out on the connections that I had within the group all because of one guy.

It’s Not The First Time

And I guess it won’t be the last because that is how life is right?

But as I always say to myself, “things happen for a reason” and because I had created this awful situation for myself, I had to step back and reassess my position as a budding marketer and info-product creator and to ask myself the questions that needed to be answered for me to either carry on with my quest to live the internet dream or to call it a day and give it all up?

An Email That Saved Me From Giving Up My IM Dream

As you can imagine, after 11 years online with the same email address, I get hundreds of emails from marketers and no doubt just as many via some solo add providers I’m sure.

But early last week I got an email from Paul Nichols, he is an internet marketer from the UK and he started his journey around the same time as me but he’s now very successful. In the email, he sent a link to his blog that holds a video that is over 2 and a half hours long!

I watched Pauls Video from start to finish The Whole 154 minutes of it!

I could relate to his story and some of the experiences he had on his journey to becoming a successful, this video without a doubt has helped me to get back on track and keep moving forward and I will not give up.

I will never give up on my goal of being a successful Internet Marketer, in fact I will die trying. I know that both outcomes are a certainty but I have no control of the latter.

Watch The Video By Paul Nicholls On His Blog  If You Feel Like Giving Up On Your IM Dreams

Stay focused,


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