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If you are one of my Facebook friends, you will probably be aware that I am a member of a very special internet marketers group called Society11

I have been a member pretty much from its inception which is almost a couple of years now..how time flies!

The reason for mentioning S11 on my blog today is one of choice and also because I think there are far too many marketers just missing out on what they can benefit from being a member.

What makes this membership different to any other that I have experienced, is that you can’t just sign up any old way to it. No way, you actually have to be invited by a fellow member.

Not everyone of those who are invited get approved

Invited VIP
You are officially invited by me to join us at Society 11 click the image or look for the links in the post

For those that do not know anything about Society 11, it is run by two well-established marketers Andie Brocklehurst and Curt Crowley. Both have been in and around the IM Space since the late ’90s, and if anyone has the slightest blemish or reputation for doing or being linked with bad shit within the IM Space they will know or at least do their due diligence and ban them.

If you have been in the IM Space for a long time, lets say since 2008 (that’s when I joined the crazy gang), you may have been aware of the Warrior Forum and how it was run and everyone took pride in helping each other out in their quest to earn a living on the net.

There were some big names like Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Eric Louviere, John Carlton and many more that frequented the Warrior Forum. Today it has changed hands and is run a little differently and I’m not saying it’s gone totally downhill because its still a great place to find out information and to buy and sell products.

However, its not got quite a number of things that it used to have and that is why Andie and Curt started this membership up. They wanted to almost emulate the WF of the old days where like minded marketers could get together and grow/ help grow each others business and give open and honest advice and opinions of products and methods, lessons etc

Access to amazing products and software in the members area

As with most paid memberships you would expect some bonus material in the members area and this is where you get more than your money is worth.

Both Andie and Curt are prolific product creators and what you are given access to are tools and courses that will force you to increase your income and gain authority in your niche.

I say our tools because you will benefit from other members new products too when they launch. More often than not you get a special code that enables you to get a discount that none members don’t. It’s all about reciprocation in Society 11.

Help with creating your own info products and the opportunity to sell them.

It is a fact that to become a successful marketer quicker you really need to be creating your own products rather than just buying products. In Society 11 you have members who are experts at this and they are only too happy to help you with yours.

Last year we did a collective product launch which involved over 50 members each providing a product of their own in the bundle. What I gained from this was the experience of actually getting my first product into a buyers hands and collecting their email in the process (list building) which gave me the opportunity to grow from there.

I will tell you more about that launch in my next Inside Society 11 post so be sure to come back to read all about it as I reveal how that went and what results I had along with what I experienced and learned from being part of that project.

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