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Do Not Give Up!

Let Me Get You Unstuck

Do Not Give Up!
If you give up you will never know how close you were to succeeding

Earlier this year I created a website that I thought was actually going to replace my personal blog prior to IMwithRick.com, the reason being was that I had been motivated to believe that it was my calling or true vocation to become the guy to help other internet marketers/affiliates to stop spinning their wheels and getting them unstuck.

The IM Unstuck Course

What had me motivated to set the IMUnstuck.com website in the first place was a product actually called “Get-Unstuck” by a well respected marketer called Andie Brocklehurst.

I have been a long standing follower and customer of Andie, in fact I can say I have known him longer than he has been called Andie (I bet that has got you thinking..haha).

Below is a snapshot of what I believe to be the first product that I purchased from him on the Warrior Forum. His name or handle is net66 and as you can see here, we go back to 2011. In internet timescales thats like a dogs age…do you agree?

This also shows just how stuck I was too, take a look at how many WSO’s I have invested in!

I Needed To Stop Spinning My Wheels And To Get Unstuck

When I look at this snapshot I get all wound up in a cloak of shame and embarrassment, it pains me to see those figures pointed out by the purple and green arrows, especially the green one.

I bet I’m not the only one who’s got this much stuff behind them either? In fact I know I’m not and that’s why I knew that I could become the expert at getting unstuck. I was already an expert of being stuck and buying product after product, going through course after course and still not making any money or headway in any direction.

The Product That Has Motivated Me To Get Unstuck

Here is the video

This Got Me Unstuck
If this doesn’t kick your arse to make money..nothing will

I Am Making Getting Others Unstuck My Goal In Internet Marketing

This is the first video I did for my website IMUnstuck.com

IM Unstuck Has A New Home

What I have decided to do is to take the domain imunstuck.com down from being a blog style website and have that as my master class site that will cover the stages and my tutorials on how I’m getting unstuck as well as breaking down other methods that I believe will help others make the break from being stuck.

This site that you are on is now my main blog and it is also going to be the home of IM Unstuck in general.

You may be wondering what the difference of the site IMUnstuck.com and the category on here will be? Let me make it a little clearer.

IMUnstuck.com will become a membership style website with both a free and a paid version, obviously the paid version will have more in depth information and added bonuses. It’s main function will be to teach and show the step by step methods that I personally have used to break free from that hampster wheel and made money and progress in IM.

IM Unstuck on the Menu here at IMWithRick.com will be snippets of what is over at IMUnstuck.com and will give you the lovely reader a taste of what is available and what can be achieved 😉

I hope that has made sense?

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    Top photo is my wife moaning at me. I am going to print it out and frame it!

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      Hahaha, I’d have done the same thing Dave but I really don’t like hospital food. Great to see you are also a member of S11 too. Let’s keep in touch with each other my new IM friend.

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    Start today to let go of any excuses that are holding yourself back. Take the first steps right now to get unstuck and will yourself toward your success

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      Absolutely good advice, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

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