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Starting A Blog

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It Is Never Too Late To Start A Blog

Starting A Blog
Old or young, a blog is key to your online success!

Having a blog gives those people who actually visit and read it, an insight to who you really are and what you are all about. It’s been described as an online version of a diary to a full-blown website all about a chosen niche.

What I have learned over the years, is that you need to have one irrespective of your age, because people get to know you better and will either return on a regular basis or they will at worst see that you have something that you have put time and effort into.

The Blog Creation Process

I’ve lost count of how many times I have started a personal blog since my first one that I launched back in 2008. It’s almost unbelievable how time just zips away and your online efforts are left for the likes of the Wayback Machine for all to see.

The Way Back Machine is a website that can show snippets of what a website looked like from its inception to its current state (if it is still live today).

The Way Back Machine
Tool That Takes Time Snapshots of Websites

Some Things Are Best Left Alone

I could write all day (not that I would want to) about that initial blog and the course that inspired me to create it, but I don’t think many of you would enjoy it.

However, what I want to get over in this post is a message of advice from someone (ME) who has started and stopped a blog many times, only to learn that I would have been far more ahead if I had followed through and kept it going, irrespective of what hosting I was on or what was going on in my life too.

If You Stop And Take It Down You Lose Everything

What I mean by losing everything is related to the hard work that you may have put into your website? All those posts and I am guessing my site had blog feedback from other people and their links to their websites which is great Google juice.

I guess you can retrieve some if not all of your past content via the Wayback Machine? But you will certainly save yourself a crapload of time if you just built on what you have already. It isn’t easy building a blog if you have the procrastination bug like I do either.

I can’t advise too much on what to do if you have an old blog and how to go about creating a fresh look to it and at the same time create a new blog because I have not done that at this point.

Suggestions Of Revival Of Your Blog

There are some smart ways that if I had my time again I think I would consider today. Here is a quick list of solutions and ideas;

  • Use blog post and create an ebook with something like Designrr. This is a fantastic paid tool but worth every penny.
  • Create videos from your post with Lumen5. This has a free version as well as the paid upgrade.
  • Clone your website and put it onto another domain and feed your backlinks to your new site. This can become a great way to test out new software and plug-ins if you are a WordPress user.

I have created another post with Content Wizard today that will give you some additional ideas on what you can do with an older blog and also how to go about setting up a new blog in 2019 HERE

Well, that’s it for today,

Stay focused folks,





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