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So Many MMO Opportunities

Make Money Online

When it comes to MMO (Make Money Online ) opportunities, there are literally thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands?
Finding one that you actually can do in your spare time will narrow those numbers down a fair bit.

The majority of these opportunities, have you scratching your head with new jargon that you will have to learn about and maybe having to use a new piece of software or at least you will need to put some time into mastering the concept of being in control of a system that requires follow through for it eventually pays off.

Finding A MMO That Suits You

I believe that finding the right opportunity for you will depend on your interests and desires, mainly because over the years that I have been learning how to make money online, I have realized that if you do not have a spark of interest in the subject or niche and how it is put together, then you are very likely doomed to fail.

Chances are though if you are a true entrepreneur, you will dust yourself off and learn from that and move on to your next MMO opportunity.

How Will You Know When You Have Found It

This is a tricky question because it falls in the same category as one of the most asked questions when it comes to such opportunities.

How long will it be before I make money with this system?

As you can guess, this is almost an impossible question to answer by the vendor/ product owner because all he/she can go on is the time it took themselves to make a return on their time and investment to the method.
Everyone is different and we all have different skill sets that may or may not contribute to the tasks at hand.

How Do You Know That The Opportunity Is For You

Apart from the obvious which will be that you look forward to the challenge, I have realized that I am willing to learn new skills and systems that are essential to complete the method/process to successfully see results.
There may even be something that I struggle with that I could outsource to save me the pain or frustration but at least I am in control and still feel the satisfaction in knowing that I will benefit from its completion at the end.

A Word Of Advice From A Procrastinating Entrepreneur

The first is never give up on your dream/dreams because we never know when it is all about to click and we will see success.
The next piece of advice is to dare I say it?..Stay focused if you can on your chosen MMO opportunity.

I have always been the type of person who is all over the place both in my ventures and in life lol. However, if you can devote your attention to one project or niche specific system, then you can do nothing but succeed.

Aim to be the best YOU can be, aim to become an authority in that niche or micro niche.
For example :
I love the idea of making a return on Domains and Flipping websites. Both are a fairly large niche in the internet marketing space, and both can be lucrative if done correctly.

Over the years I have invested in a lot of courses on both of these methods of making money online, but what I found was that many of these courses were either total TOSH or that they required many hours learning processes that could result in getting a ROI.

However, after almost 11 years, I still love these business models and I still continue to find new ways of selling my Domains and websites. I am also working on my own products that show others how to do the same. By having my own products I can earn from that too, how cool is that!

Here are three of my current ventures that you may like to take a look at:

Thanks for reading and stick at it, never give up and stay focused,


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