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Giving Up

The IM Dream Is Over

Is My IM Dream Over

Yesterday was a day that I wasn’t looking forward to, it was the eleventh year to the day since I purchased my first make money online product that I had every intention of completing to finally live the good life on my terms.

However, here I am all these years later and thousands and thousands of dollars, in fact, tens of thousands invested in products, courses, and tools, etc under my belt and I am still working my day job.

Over those years I invested in hundreds of domains and I know I have let quite a lot of great ones drop due to insufficient funds at critical renewal dates, but I still to this day invest in them. Out of all the type of make money online methods I have tried or been more involved in, Domaining is my favorite.

I have a website that I show my current portfolio of domains for sale at IMDomainer.com and as a way to mark the occasion I decided to have a flash sale and invite my domainer and IM friends to take an opportunity to make me an offer on any of my domains for as little as $110 and set the clock to run for eleven hours only (just in case you are reading this wondering why eleven hours it was 11 years and yesterday was the 11th May) to make those offers.

I shared the post to three of my favorite FB groups and to my amazement, I did not get one like in any of those groups and I didn’t receive any offers of $110 either on any of my domains!

So is my IM dream over?

Maybe….I am definitely going to have a good think good and hard about it today and reflect on what I have and what I have to offer when it comes to my abilities and experience.

Should I throw in the towel after all the time and effort as well as the money I have put into it?


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