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90 Days with a IM guy

Who Will Be My First 90 Days With A Guru Product Challenge

What is IM90

As my brief description on my category said, over the years I have purchased many high priced internet marketing (IM) products, some of which I just couldn’t afford but I knew or thought at the time (I was usually desperate and needed money quick) that this product was going to finally do it for me, yes I was finally going to make money online and be able to tell my boss to stick it where the sun don’t shine and walk away from the day job.

Even though the very first product I purchased was classed as a high ticket product, I failed to follow through on my part and as a result, I failed to prove whether the product was a scam or something born of a genius. By not following through on a course and taking the actions and completing the lessons that the IM Guru provided inside the product, you will never know what would have been your outcome.

What I AM going to do is follow through on the courses I have invested money into, and, what I would call a High Ticket IM product, with the intention of getting at least my investment back via results from the training and or completing a case study type course on my journey.

My Reason For Starting This Today 26th June 2019

I always need a reason or motivation to get my creative wheel to move and this morning I asked Siri how many days is it until the day my wife and I board a plane to go on our summer holiday. As you may have already guessed? It was exactly 90 Day’s!

As soon as Siri gave me the number of days, I immediately thought about the IMGuru90 category on my blog. I had done absolutely nothing with it and I knew that this was another nudge from the Universe.

Now, please don’t think that I am one of those nutty folk who tells you to stand in front of a mirror every day and tell yourself you are going to be rich or mega famous because I’m not a big fan of that type of thing. But, who am I to argue with what works for some and not for others.

All I wanted to get across was that I felt that, that was a valid reason to proceed in this quest, I just think things in our lives always happen for a reason. Things that happen always have a cause and an effect which is from that initial jerk of inspiration and that flash of inspiration gave me the motivation to what I’m doing right now, typing this post here for someone like you to read and hopefully return on a regular basis to my blog.

OK, so who is the first IM Guru and what is the product/course that I will be following for the next 90 Days?

IM Guru Kam Jennings aka Kam Fatz

The Product = IMJumpStart

I’ve purchased a lot of Kam’s products over the last few years and if you don’t know of him and his style of teaching then I suggest you go and check him out on Facebook or Youtube where he gives a massive amount of advice and so much more to anyone who is willing to listen.

Kam is a down to earth really laid back kinda guy I could go for a beer with any time (OK I know I’d go for a beer with anyone just for an excuse of….going for a beer;-)

Any hoo’s, Dat Is Da Plan so keep an eye out for an update, I’m heading over to start day 1 of IM Jumpstart.

Stay focused,




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